New Android Malware spreads via SMS

Mazar is the latest powerful malware that is spreading via text message with a link that looks totally harmless. This virus can sweep the entire data from your Android Smartphone.

When you click on the link that looks like a multimedia message, a software gets installed that enables anonymous internet connections. The control of your phone is given to the ones with administrator rights, and they can read your messages, make calls, control your phone’s use and wipe data completely as well. A security firm in Denmark has announced that these messages have been sent to around 100,000 phones in Denmark alone implying that the extent of this is widespread.


The malware cannot be installed on the phones with the language set to Russian, which hints its origin. Infected smartphones are a prey to a number of threats. Make sure your trusted sources setting under unknown sources of security setting is unchecked to avoid getting the message.

Uncheck unknown sources to be safe from the malware

Uncheck unknown sources to be safe

Don’t make your phone vulnerable by downloading apps from unknown sources and by opening unsolicited links. The authentication codes sent by online banking apps and e-commerce websites can be easily accessed if Mazar infects your phone.

This news first appeared in Daily Mail

Bhavana Hulivahana

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