Facebook messenger redesigned for Android

Earlier, there were reports of Facebook letting you use multiple accounts by switching between them without logging in and out again and again. Facebook has now extended this feature to its Messenger app for Android.This feature was being tested and was available for beta users and few non-beta users as well, and it is now available for all.

An insight of the updated messenger

An insight of the updated messenger

With this feature, it is easier to access chats of different accounts with a single device.  But not everyone can access your messages. Facebook has included a privacy feature for security reasons. Users can only see the number of unread messages of another account but can’t read the or reply to those messages. When you’re adding an account, it’s your call to decide whether to input the password for every switch or not. Although the switching of accounts is very easy, messenger allows privacy for those who need it.

You can update the app through Google play store manually. The update will soon be out for iOS users too.

This news was reported earlier on Tech Crunch

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