App drawer to be excluded in Android N

The much awaited next major version of Android- Android N is rumored to ditch the traditional app drawer. This is a significant fundamental shift to all the Android lovers who used to it. The absence of it will now make your phone feel like an iPhone; the apps stuck to your home screen or like any other phone sold in China like Xiaomi, Huawei and many others.

App drawer of Android

App drawer of Android


According to the recent reports, the pre-builds of Android N do not include app drawer. With hardly two months left for the launch of Android N, it is highly unlikely for the inclusion of the App drawer. Even though it has been removed, third party launchers can still be installed.  Android N is scheduled to start rolling out from May 18.  A split screen or a multi-window is also on of the major features of Android N according to the leaks to improve your tablet experience.

Although it’s annoying to make a separate folder for each kind of app, Android N comes with the advantage of hiding your apps.

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