Smartphone App to detect Earthquakes

An alert system was much needed when earthquakes have become so often. An Android app has been developed by a group of scientists from the University of California at Berkeley to work as an alert system detecting earthquakes.myshake-app

This app is a warning system for oncoming earthquake tremors. This app is named MyShake, who’s sole purpose, is to collect data using your phone’s accelerometer to record shaking. The app has a few distinctions to understand the tool. The vibrations produced by an earthquake can be distinguished from a commonplace or a physical activity. The actual seismic event will be typical. The data collected by the app will be sent back to Berkeley to determine whether your device is experiencing an earthquake.

An insight of the app that detect earthquakes

An insight of the app that detects earthquakes

The app is intended to improve upon the alert system and refine it rather than becoming an alternative to traditional alerts. MyShake can detect earthquakes within 10-kilometer distance if it encounters magnitude over 5.It is expected to be extremely useful for earthquake prone areas. The developers might eventually team up with Facebook and its Safety check feature to deliver the real-time news.

Although nothing can prevent disasters, timely information is always necessary and significant as it helps to save many lives. This has marked a new milestone in the development of android apps.The Android version of MyShake is available for free on the Google Play store while the iOS version is still being developed.

Watch this video and find out how MyShake works.

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