Picasa is shutting down

People who have used Picasa, here’s news that may slightly disappoint you. With no improvement taking place Google has decided to shut it off. Picasa has granted users the abilities from managing albums online to allowing users to sign into Google with multiple accounts.

The Photos you’ve uploaded to Picasa throughout the years will be available to you; nothing can be added to it. The albums uploaded can be accessed, but users can’t edit existing albums or add new albums. It started out as a Photo-sharing service by a company named Lifescape. In July 2104, Picasa was introduced as a freeware after Google bought off Picasa from Lifescape.

This is your chance to download a copy and store it. The opportunity won’t arise again cause there won’t be any more updates. There may be weird stuff going down with it once it gets the read-only attribute. Google is working on a new photo management services and apps.

Users who feel Google Photos isn’t for them, they can still view their specific contents, such as comments, tags and captions, with whatever Google invents. An important note to remind you that none of this will roll out before May 1st, 2016. Google photos is an advanced photo sharing and managing service, so users should feel disappointed.

Source: Google Photos Blog Spot.

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