G+ updates to version 7.2.0

The much awaited G+ update is finally here. Google has officially announced the release of their third app update for this year.

The latest version has three new features and a lot of bugs have been fixed. So what’s new with the G+ app?

  • 29 bugs fixed
  • 10 accessibility issues addressed
  • Faster and safer browsing
  • Search history and autocomplete
  • To scroll on tap of your collections communities and notifications tap on the bottom bar

    Screenshots of  G+ update

    Screenshots of G+ update

Chrome custom tabs are used when you tap on a google link on Google+ to preload websites. This makes the viewing content much more quicker. You don’t have to sign in again into G+ when you’ve already signed into Chrome when you visit the same site. Saved passwords and autofill are also the new features updated.

You can disable the Chrome custom tabs by un-checking the”Enable Custom tabs” setting in your Google+ settings menu.

Learn more about Chrome custom tabs in Google’s Official Blog

Here’s a video that shows you how exactly Google+ works with custom tabs.

Source- Google Plus

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