Root malware is spreading via third party app stores

Those of you Android users who are install apps from third-party app stores, here’s why you shouldn’t do so. Third party app stores such as 9apps, Aptoide, Mobogenie, and mobile9 have recently been a source of the Android root malware being spread.

The newly found root malware calls itself ‘ANDROIDOS_ LIBSKIN’, and is found in more than 1,163 Android applications packages. The root malware has complete access to the user’s device, therefore, controlling the user’s device in whatever way it’s been programmed.

These infectious components can be wrapped into any applications, once gaining root access to your phone can be difficult to remove. They gain user’s information and data, the device’s ID and can install updated versions of itself without the user’s prior knowledge. Since it can easily avoid the factory reset. The only possible way to remove it would be to, use a root enabled file explorer to find it’s location and exterminate it.

So the next time you are at a third party app store planning on installing an application, ask yourself is it worth going through these avoidable mistakes. Google’s play store has limited resources to its app categories, but that should suffice. Otherwise, you’ll end up breaking your back trying to rid yourself of your device’s problems.

If you’re probably asking yourself why do viruses exist, well my friend it’s the price we are paying for living in a digital world.

Source: PC World

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