Google Chrome to support Bluetooth Beacons now

The Chrome users of iOS had the feature of detecting Smart devices around them since July last year, and this feature is now introduced to Android.  Google plans to let Bluetooth Beacons to broadcast location-based information to your phone.bluetooth-beacon-600x491

“Physical Web” is what Google calls this interaction with the smart devices around you. It uses a Bluetooth-based technology which was long promised to Android to turn this into a reality. It’s been a while since this technology is being used on iPhones but this is more beneficial to Android users.  Google uses its own operating system and doesn’t require a widget to open it which also gives you real native integration.

Chrome listing out nearby smart devices

Chrome listing out nearby smart devices

Chrome 49 is now under beta testing and will now start supporting Bluetooth beacons. Chrome lists out all the nearby Beacons when you’re close to any. The physical web can be enabled manually once you get the alert. With this, you can detect a number of smart devices that are interactive – from the timings of a train arriving in and departing from the platform to a parking meter nearby. This updated version has high expectations as it marks the beginning of many new things.

Watch this video to get introduced to the physical web.

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