Android devices will get Microsoft’s preinstalled apps.

The issue with Android devices is that with modernization, they advance. Times have come where we were in need for a document editing program. The apps available on the market, made by developers are just stimulating the effects, making users feel like the real thing. Let’s ask ourselves is this enough? The answer is no. These applications shouldn’t be attractive to amuse people, but must have the capability to ease user’s tasks. Isn’t that the whole cause, why technology was invented?

Microsoft has announced, the Android phones being manufactured in 25 countries and counting will receive its pre-installed apps. Nick Parker, the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s original equipment manufacturing division, has written a blog post stating that Microsoft has 74 hardware makers from around the world, pre-installing them or will do so to Android devices getting manufactured. This will include OneDrive, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype and OneNote.

Microsoft Office and other services are available to many devices. However, Microsoft plans on offering it to newly branded devices. As of lately, Microsoft has done much for Android, from releasing the Beta version of the Arrow launcher back last year to bringing it its Cortana personal digital assistant to Google’s mobile OSs back in 2014. Microsoft has bought off Echo, the company developing Android lock screen apps. Let us sit back and hope to see them soon on the market.


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