Snapchat’s beta version can be tested on Android.

Snapchat is a messaging application which launched back in 2011. It allows user to share videos, texts, drawing with friends. At first ‘Snaps‘ were only allowed to remain active for 1-10 seconds but eventually ended up being active for 24 hours before its removed from the company’s server. Snapchat started focusing on the ‘Stories‘ feature, which turn snaps into a story index and users can watch them as Stories.

With the Beta version released back in the late 2013’s. It marked itself as the latest company to choose the Beta route. It is allowing users sign up to participate in a special beta program. Enabling users to try out the application and giving a report about their discoveries, whether they are pros and cons. Snapchat beta maybe on a test period but it definitely brings new feature.

Snapchat's beta version

Here’s a picture of some of the new features available with Snapchat beta.

Users that are willing to test out the beta version can do it simply following these methods.

1) Open up your app store. Whatever one you have installed on your device. Open up the Menu and select the My Apps’ category.
2) Select the Snapchat app and update it on your device. If no update is available on your device, means you have an updated version and the ‘Lenses’ feature isn’t supported on your device.
3) Tap the icon above your camera screen, this will lead you to your profile. Once there click on the ‘Manage’ and then ‘Additional Services’, then click on the new features you want to try out.
4) Then go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Join Snapchat beta’. Tap ‘Count me in’.
5) Fill in a form and wait for a while.
6) Uninstall the current app you have installed and re install it from the play store.

That’s pretty much it. You can access the Snapchat beta features now.
The link to the Beta version is here

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