Samsung Updates its Android Browser with ad Blocking

Ad Blocking was one of the most desired features for Android Users across the globe. Who wouldn’t be annoyed with irrelevant ads popping up while browsing, may it be reading an article or watching a video. Earlier only iOS users were lucky this way to block ads and now Samsung users have an ad-free browsing with their updated browser.

Update your browser will adblock

Update your browser will adblock

However, the ads don’t get blocked automatically. You will have to install the two most compatible apps- Adblock Fast and Crystal. Samsung users can not get Adblock Fast from Google Play store which has over 200,000 users and is free. Samsung is rumored to be partnered with a company called Rocketship to get back Adblock Fast that was removed from the play store last month.

Samsung’s Adblocking system works similar to that of Apple’s as it lets the users to create their ad blocking extensions than offering it as a native feature within the browser itself. The extension app that is used claims to increase the speed of your web browsing experience by 51% on average. The ad blocking feature is restricted to only Samsung users.

Samsung has never given up on competing with Apple and has always launched new features to stay in the game and the updated browser is one of such features.

This video shows you the difference

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