New updates for Google Maps

The latest update of Google Maps for Android devices has loads of new features that were much needed.  Tweaked Navigation Interface is the major addition to this update.

Google Maps 9.20

Google Maps 9.20

There aren’t many changes in the app that make them obvious but there are a number of additions that are amazing.  You can avoid navigation directions while you’re on a call. You can now go to your navigation settings on Google Maps and turn off the “Play voice during phone calls” option. Earlier you could add and review places on the app but now you can also link your photos and reviews.  Adding your spots to your timeline on Maps is also one of the major features of the update.  You can also add a shortcut to your timeline and ad it to your history to help you navigate better the next

Google Maps will now display the names of all the streets and exits big or small that appeared as a blue line earlier. Another major feature is the Intelligent Driving Mode that gives the user the latest traffic updates and ETA(Estimated Time Arrival) . However, this is an optional feature and the user can utilize this feature by enabling it on a shortcut from the home screen or from the Navigation Drawer.

The updated Google Maps version 9.20 for Android is now available on the Google Playstore. Getting to places would be no easy task without this app.

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