Google Keep updates for Android and Web

Google Keep has been one of the most useful app on Google Play Store that lets you take important notes and keep reminders developed by Google. The developers of Keep have now added  a new feature to make it better.Google-Keep

A blue update box pops up when you open the app that informs you about the feature in Keep for both web and Android- Centralized  settings. The update is now live and is rolling out to devices across the globe.  Earlier you could change the list and the reminder settings for individual notes only by using the overflow menu. Now the Nav menu contains the same options under the label of general settings.  These settings can control how the checked items behave and also what are the times considered for reminders. This feature will have an impact on all your lists on both mobile and web.

You can test this new feature immediately on the web and the app once your device gets this update.

Google Keep's Update

Google Keep’s Update

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