Switching of accounts enabled by Instagram on iOS and Android

Instagram- one of the most trending apps on Google Play Store has now rolled out a new feature.  Accounts can be switched while using the app on both iOS and Android.

Instagram's new update

Instagram’s new accounts switching update

This new feature is available on version 7.15 of the app. You can now use the app with five users and switch between them, without logging out and logging back in. This feature was rumored back in November.  Instagram was testing their much-requested feature- account switching. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of Instagram users for both business and recreational purposes. Instagram has confirmed reports regarding the new update by announcing it one their official blog.

The accounts switching feature will help a great deal to people from the advertising field. People representing advertising companies can switch between their personal and corporate account without having to log out and log in all over again.instagramandroidmultipleaccounts

For more help have a look at Instagram Support

This news was reported earlier on venturebeat.com

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