Dashboard camera maybe vended by Android’s creator.

A recent report from The information stated that the co-founder of Android Andy Rubin is currently working on a dashboard camera. He refuses to further share information about it. However, Rubin, who left Google in 2014, states that he may work for developing Android handsets as his plan. He plans on making a visual map of the world, which would get updated every time there’s a change or would have an uninterrupted satellite view.

It is highly possible since Rubin had managed it once by working on the creation of Android and who knows, maybe he can do it again! Dashboard Cameras have been evolving through time, features like GPS navigation, low battery consumption, loop recording and the high-tech LCD screens have helped gain popularity. Dash cams companies like Novatek, Garmen, Cobra Drive are popular in the market.

Countries like  France, Russia, Australia, and parts of Asia and the US, are where Dashboard cameras have become increasingly famous. Whereas countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia have strict rules against them.

Installing dashcams in cars can provide undeniable video evidence in cases such as accidents, thefts, and provides companies evidence whether employees are carrying out company policies. They can eliminate your liability towards insurance companies, by providing footage of the accidents. In case you need a video footage of an accident or parking ticket dispute, a dash cam is the right tool to go about it.

Features that we should look out for dash cam is night vision and offline capabilities. The ability to acquire quality video footage at night is a must, cause it’s not possible to say when it’s crunch time.

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