Chromer app for Android can load web links quicker

Chromer is a new application that allows users to use customized chrome tabs on your Android device without the developer’s involvement. The Chrome custom tabs enable users to have a better web experience over the application without the use of Web-view that shows the transition between web contents. The custom tab allows the users to change the way Chrome looks and makes them feel.

Chromer gives the users a faster browsing experience. It can pile multiple links in floating bubbles and reopen them later, and users can do a voice or text search directly from the main screen. Chromer’s rendering engine is always updated via Google Play, so the matter of security doesn’t arise. The users are always receiving updates. Therefore, Chromer is more secure than the regular WebView that is found on Android devices with the OS versions below 5.0.

The Chrome custom tabs can only be used if it has been implemented by the apps individually. Whereas Chromer solves that problem for you allowing you to use the Custom tabs even though none of the apps have implemented it. Take for an example, you can just open a link in Facebook in the Custom tabs, despite the fact that Facebook didn’t cause it to happen. If you still don’t know what the Custom tabs are used for then, you’re in the wrong place. Click here to get redirected. 

Chromer users can experience the custom tab features on sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Stack Overflow, Play. Fm, The Guardian, Medium, Sky-scanner and many more.

Here’s a  tutorial video about Chromer.


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