Android Marshmallow 6.0 can now be installed on PC.

Running Android Marshmallow 6.0 is now possible on PC’s. It doesn’t actually run as the Operating System but runs along with Windows. You can have the actual feeling of using Marshmallow and can revert the process without causing damage to your Windows system files.

You may have like an Android application, and tried running it on your computer, through android emulators like Droid4x, Andyroid, Bluestacks, GenyMotion, Xamarin Android Player, Windroye and so on. The thing about these emulators are that only allow the users to run these apps but does not provide the user interface.

This procedure is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux and Mac, though it hasn’t been tested on Windows Xp yet. So users can follow this procedure at their own risk. Before you start this procedure it is advisable to back up your system files and personal data on an external drive. You can learn how to do backup your system from here.

The system requirements of your PC to install Marshmallow are:-

1) Minimum amount of RAM required is 2GB, where the recommended amount is 4GB.
2) The Hard disk drive should have at least 1.5GB free space.
3) Should have Intel Core Dual Processor or versions higher.

The process’s requirements are:-

1)The Unetbootin App, you require it to format or create a hard disk partition. Download from here and install it.
2) The Gparted App, you require it to manage the partition of the hard disk. Download from here and install it.
3) Android-86, this is most importantly required. It is the Android source code. Download from here.
4) You need an empty flash drive or stick up to 2Gb space. The Android-86 file size is 420mb. It must be formatted with a FAT32 file system. Learn how to do it here. 

Now that you know what is needed, let us move onto how to get it done.

What you need to basically do is partition your hard disk drive so that you can install the Android system. Then simply do a boot from your flash drive and select the 1st option in the start up menu. Voila, you’ve installed Android Marshmallow 6.0 on your PC.  

You can also do it with help of this tutorial video.

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