WhatsApp being used as a mode to deceit users.

Whatsapp being an instant messenger, allows users to send and receive text messages, images, videos, user’s location and audio media messages which was launched way back in 2009. The reputation upheld in the previous six years, eventually led it to have a user base of one billion, making it a universally accepted messenger. Many issues that Whatsapp faces have created dissatisfaction among users like errors that are shown after sending or receiving messages, updating the app to newer versions on regular intervals, and connection failure.

This isn’t the first time wherein Whatsapp has proven to be a mode, where internet-based criminal activities have taken place. From receiving fake voicemails, Whatsapp spies, $500 Starbucks gift card promotions, Investment schemes and to the most popularly one where users are given a free chance to upgrade to Whatsapp’s Gold edition. You can browse through a detailed article here.


Now Whatsapp has been made an objective by swindlers, getting the users to surmise that these links have been forwarded by their friends. These artless users are then prompted to an outside link, where they are requested to hand over their personal informal. These messages get users to forward them to more friends in the hope of winning prizes. Malwares are then released on these devices, gaining personal information or simply corrupting the user’s device.

This escalated due to the fact that they are over 415 million users worldwide. Whatsapp is a valuable and fun application, these internet-based criminal activities taking place on them shouldn’t change your opinion about it. There are many ways through you could avoid falling for these scams.

There are numerous ways through which you could abstain from falling for them. You can learn about them here, and many other blogs.

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