Google’s Android based Virtual Reality headset to be launched in 2016

After the launch of Google Cardboard, all of us have been anxiously waiting for the launch of Google’s Virtual Reality headset. Expectations are high over the VR headset after the excellent response to Cardboard. Google has turned extremely competitive as it doesn’t want Facebook’s Oculus or Samsung’s Gear VR to have control over Virtual Reality. Just like the Gear VR, the Android VR headset is based on a smartphone device. The headset will be released along with the VR technology in 2016.  Google’s VR headset will be compatible with a much wider range of Smartphones based on the slot where the plastic headset will be fit in. The VR hardware is going to be similar to that of Nexus Smartphone Program. The plastic headset will have better sensors and lenses for an incredible quality experience.

Facebook's Virtual Reality Headset-Oculus

Facebook’s Virtual Reality Headset-Oculus

In addition to this, Google is specifically working hard to mobile VR by integrating the software directly into Android. Presently, Cardboard is just an app, but latency can be decreased by adding system level integration. The new VR software might be displayed at Google I/O in May, and the actual hardware will be announced in September. With the competitive spirit and improved quality app, developers can now get better experiences by spending more time and create new apps without getting sick of Virtual Reality. For those who’re new to Virtual Reality, here’s a video that shows how it works and what exactly is Virtual Reality. 

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