MX Player 1.8.4 Alpha update available for Android devices.

A great deal of HD realistic motion pictures and videos are available on the internet. It would be preferable if we could watch these movies on an Android device than a portable PC on the go. Finding the right video player for your device can be an issue because there are some video players that don’t bolster a broad range of video and subtitle formats.

The recently released  Android phones dont have the capacity to play an expansive scope of video formats either. The inbuilt players don’t have many features, which is the main reason which motivates users to disregard them. This gives the opportunity to the third-party video player apps to shine. However, Play store permits users a to dump the inbuilt video player and download a better one.

The MX Player 1.8.4 Alpha happens to help in circumstances such as these. Not only does it support a high number of formats, but it also possesses many neat features. Multi-core decoding which boosts the device’s performance, Pinch to Zoom and Zoom to Pan allows users to zoom inwards and outwards by just pinching, swiping and panning the video, hardware acceleration allowing the software to process faster than it normally does with the help of HW+ decoder and lastly the kids lock which enables users to lock their phones, while entertaining children worry-free. The overhaul form of MX Player version number 1.8.4 weighs around 15.22 MB and is suppoted by devices running Android OS 3.2 or higher.

The MX player 1.8.4 is still in the alpha stage, which might be unstable in a few devices, once the Beta adaptation once discharged will be compatible with all Android devices.

MX Player 1.8.4 Alpha update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store,, and many other sites.

MX Player 1.8.4 Alpha

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