Google’s Android Studio 2.0 Beta officially released

Google has finally released Android Studio 2.0 Beta- the latest version of its Integrated Development Environment(IDE).

However the updated version was available only on the Canary channel but now its available on Beta Channel as well although it’s not been officially announced yet.  Google’s Android Studio 1.0 was released in December 2014, and now its updated version is released after two years. The focus on the updated version is not just on fixing bugs, but it’s also on improving by including new and unique features.

Android studio 2.0 Beta- the latest version

Android Studio 2.0 Beta- the latest version

One of the most interesting and unique features of Android Beta 2.0 is the Instant run. This feature lets the Android developers to have a look at the changes they make immediately to their app’s code on any device or the Android emulator. A new function called Cold-swap comes along with the instant run. In a case of significant structural changes, the app can restart immediately. The beta update also includes validation tool with which the app developers can test and validate their URL links. The biggest addition to the update is the new and updated Android Emulator, which now allows rotation

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