Android users get improved Hangouts

Google has finally released a small yet powerful update to its Hangouts only for Android Users. This update focuses on improving the quality of audio and video during calls and chats.

Google is rumored to use the peer-to-peer (P2P) by which both the users will be connected to each other and Google server’s will be bypassed. Those who’ve had poor connections in the past can get the best audio and video clarity and the quality of the calls they make. According to Google, if they don’t use the P2P connection, connecting to servers as it was done earlier shall be continued.

The prompt that appears while using Gooogle Hangouts

The prompt that appears while using Gooogle Hangouts

The Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is the technology that is going to be used for this update. Without the utilization of any plugins, browser-to-browser voice and video calling can be supported with this technology. The users need not download anything for additional security to hide their IP’s as this technology is highly secure.

After the CTO of Voxer, a messaging app, a lot of improvements are highly expected in Hangouts including the walkie-talkie feature.

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