Samsung to make Smartwatches that recognize you by your veins

Samsung -the Best-selling smartphone company in the market is all set to establish their identity by releasing their new patent. Ever thought of a wristband or a watch than can recognize its owner by its veins? Samsung has now turned this into a reality.Know-Smartwatches-Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-Smartwatch

While other vendors are making smartwatches work with your phone, Samsung has thought out of the box. This smartwatch works similar to a fingerprint scanner. Firstly, the sensor takes a picture of the user and then compares it with the vein image stored in its memory or the original scan. Samsung uses Infrared technology to identify your vein characteristics that differ from person to person. Additionally, Samsung’s smartwatch might also detect your pulse rate.

Here's how Samsung's new patent works

Here’s how Samsung’s new patent works

The camera sensor mounted on the front edge of the smartwatch, scans an area behind your hand to record the structure of your veins and also identify its unique features. If it matches with that of the previously scanned image, you can access the smartwatch. Although this feature isn’t all that useful, it is one of the greatest potentials which might be of great use for authentication purposes in future. With the release of such smartwatches, smartphones do have a tough competition for their survival as smartwatches are much more independent.

Here's how Samsung's smart watch works

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