Facebook app uninstalled can set aside 20% of Android’s battery life.

Facebook does not have the best reputation for its Android application. Keeping up with your friends at times is easier with the official Facebook appUsers have since quite a while ago complained about issues like bugs, abrupt freezing, poor performance and it sucking up battery. Chris Cox Facebook’s chief product officer, last year took the unusual step of making his staff, get rid of their iPhones and move to Android until they sorted out the issues.

 In any case, the issues have remained, and as of late it drove the Android blogger Russell Holly to dump the application, beginning a chain response which uncovered something fascinating about the app’s performance. The effect of the app’s performance was tried on an LG G4 Android device by pbrandes_eth a Reddit user. It convinced users that Holly’s prediction, about life on Android device, was much better without Facebook or the Facebook Messenger app. This led to other Reddit users testing 15 separate apps, documenting their findings only finding the same results.                          

Despite the fact that the Facebook app does not show up consuming a lot of power inside Android’s in-built battery statistics, it clearly devours more power in the background than it requires. However uninstalling the Facebook app can unquestionably spare battery, however, it might put on a show of being a huge bother to the users. There are different options, similar to the Android app metal, to get to Facebook without the official application.  

It is obvious that Facebook app has been bringing on issues for the Android devices. Until these issues are solved, people who don’t want to put their phone’s performance in peril, existence without the Facebook app is undoubtedly sensible. On the other hand, you can use Facebook inside of various browsers like UC browser, Chrome on Android devices which have notifications, chats and many other features ready for action.                                    

                Uninstall Facebook App 


This news earlier appeared on theguardian.com.                                            

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