Marshmallow rolls out to Android Wear

Apple’s smartwatch was the best watch with which you could answer calls till now. However, now you can answer calls and do much more with Android Wear with their new updates which also includes getting Android Marshmallow.

Android Wear's Update

Android Wear’s Update

With the lowest cost and best deal you can do much more with Android Wear than any Apple watch. Google has now released Marshmallow 6.0 update to the smart watch- Android Wear. With this update, you can make calls, listen to messages and a lot of other impressive things.  According to Google, you can now screen calls with your wrist, make and take calls with Bluetooth, and listen to all your audio and video messages as well. With Android Wear, you can still stay connected to your phone and reply to messages from Hangouts, Viber, Wechat and Whatsapp as

The best part about Wear’s update is the software LTE. With LTE, you can pair your phone with the internet to let you work in many more places other than your existing Wifi. According to Android’s Official Blogspot, Marshmallow update will be rolled over to all the Android Wear watches over the next few weeks, and they have also announced the release of their new watches- CASIO SMART OUTDOOR WATCH and  HUAWEI WATCH FOR LADIES.  The smartwatch market has now decided to bring in speakers for the update.

With the new update, there’s so much more to explore in a 49mm smartwatch. Have a look at how Android Wear works:

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