Tor’s Browser Helps Facebook Users.

Facebook is recently buzzing up with the news of directly accessing Tor’s browser on personal computers. This software allows internet users to browse unknowingly. It can avoid being tracked by concealing the identity of the IP address. This is only a special privilege to android app Facebook users. The facebookers can use this feature within the next few days. This can be done by downloading the  Orbot Android proxy app.Facebook

The spokesperson for the Tor Project says it has no plans to support Facebook’s iOS app, so this support will be limited to Android for now.  iOS users will have to wait a long time around. Facebook says it has a “sizeable community” of people using Tor to access its service, so additional connections through Android handsets will only serve to improve the reliability of its Tor connectivity.

Privately browsing the world’s largest social networking site will be a great news for its 1.5 billion monthly active users.


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