Best Games to Boost your Brains

Google Play Store is a home for hundreds of games and other apps for everyone. Everyone plays a game of their choice. When it comes to giving your brains some work here are the three puzzles which will boost your brains which are FUN, ADDICTIVE and can be way TRICKIER than you think.


The SUDOKU KINGDOM is the best one among the many apps of Sudoku. It can be implemented as you want it. It’s pretty simple but lets you think a lot! It works well on all Android versions and all screen sizes. It supports 7 types matrices 4×4 being the smallest to 20×20 being the largest. It has five levels ranging from very easy to the expert level being the toughest. It has a lot of features like undo/redo, best time, etc. It’s a great game not only to pass time but also to give your brains a little exercise.


Cut the rope is a physics based game that lets your brain think in different possibilities. Obstacles get difficult as time goes on.There are multiple games in the series which means hundreds of levels to clear. You can never get bored of this game.It has a whooping 750 million downloads worldwide. It also has a lot of awards and features to be explored.




It is physics based game again put out by Disney. The main goal of this game is to trace the path of water to follow down to the drain. Its ridiculous and a lot of fun! The levels get difficult as you go along. You can also play under different circumstances once you clear up the levels. This interesting game has 50 million downloads!th wheresmywater03The best part about these games is that they are absolutely free. So download these games and help your brains work out a little.

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